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Sat. Aug 6th 2011
Mutual Aid response

Winsted firefighters were requested for mutual aid to assist the City of Torrington at a 2 alarm structure fire on Lake Stree...

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Sat. Apr 30th 2011
Serious MV Accident

On Saturday, April 30, 2011 at approximately 11:55 pm, the Winsted Fire Department responded to a report of a serious injury ...

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Tue. Aug 3rd 2010
Building Fire

On Tuesday, August 03, 2010 at about 11:00 pm the Winsted Fire Department received a report of heavy smoke coming from an aba...

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SCBA Air Consumption Evaluation
Mon. Jul 25th 2011

Because each Firefighter consumes air from his SCBA cylinder at a different rate and volume, this drill allowed each individual firefighter to know their limit with a 30 minute, 4500 psi cylinder. Firefighter fatalities have occurred in the past from running out of air; such events may increase as firefighters push farther into structures because of better turnout protection and thermal imaging cameras that enable the firefighter to move faster.

The intent of the drill was for each firefighter to know his own unique cylinder duration, and prevent from entering into a situation where a firefighter is too far into an incident where one thinks they have more air than they actually do.

A firefighter must know his limits before they enter so they will always exit a building safely - our goal is that Everyone Goes Home!!!!

The Chief begins the drill by pulling a 2.5" hose line - Leading By Example
Carrying a highrise pack during the entire drill
Walking the maze
Pulling 150 lbs of weights by a hand rope
Hitting the tire to simulate roof ventialtion excercise
Drill complete - Support Services personnel pose for a lasting photo